The problem

Customers lose confidence when they can't try on your clothes. They give up entirely, or return items that don't suit them.

Why you need Zyler

  • Make more sales
  • Reduce returns
  • Increase time on site
  • Free trial: Measureable impact before you commit

How to get started

  • Easy integration
  • All we need is a picture of a model wearing the clothes
  • Add to your site in minutes
  • Support from a world class team with over 20 years experience

Who is behind Zyler?

Zyler is brought to you by Anthropics Technology, a world-leading AI software company founded in 1998. Driven by decades of PhD-level research, we have created revolutionary solutions for fashion e-commerce. We transform the user experience using our award-winning technology to drive sales, reduce returns, and power style.

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Personalized Results

Hemlines and sleeve lengths made to fit unique body sizes.

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Conclusive Data

See the impact of Zyler on your site, measured within your business account.

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Easy integration

Partner with us through an easily applied API, with support from a world-class team with over 20 years of experience.

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Try for free

Start your online try-on experience with a 3 month no strings attached free trial.

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