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5,000 Customer
Visualisations Per Month

10 Images Per Year

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50,000 Customer
Visualisations Per Month

100 Images Per Year

Ultimate Plan

500,000 Customer
Visualisations Per Month

400 Images Per Year

Who is behind Zyler?

Zyler is brought to you by Anthropics Technology, a world-leading AI software company founded in 1998. Driven by decades of PhD-level research, we have created revolutionary solutions for fashion e-commerce. We transform the user experience using our award-winning technology to drive sales, reduce returns, and power style.

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Clothing with Confidence

Drive confidence and increase conversions.

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Easy integration

Simply add a small code snippet to your website.

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Privacy Promise

Uploaded selfies and data are guaranteed to be secure.

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Quality Assured

Extensive user testing means the best results for your users.

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Clothing with Confidence

Create the perfect customer experience by allowing users to see themselves like never before. Customers are confident in making their purchase as they can see how good it looks on them!

An outfit can change how you feel about yourself. We believe that if customers are able to see themselves in outfits before they buy them, it will encourage them to visualize themselves in new ways, helping them find their style, driving confidence in purchase decisions, and delivering customer loyalty.

By offering a unique retail experience, our tech increases not only purchase confidence but also customer engagement time. Customers are more likely to try on more outfits, spend longer on your site, and come back for more.

See how this can be achieved on your website today.

Privacy Promise

We are committed to caring about your customers privacy. Customer information and photos are protected under our privacy policy. All of the data that your customers submit is secured on our servers using industry-standard techniques. Customer images are only ever shown to the customer themselves. They are not used for any other purpose whatsoever.

Quality Assured

Driven by years of AI research based on human imaging, we are confident that we are the best at what we do. Our tech provides your website with the best quality fashion try-on there is.

Don’t just take our word for it. We have undergone extensive user testing to ensure that we are presenting you with the best possible version of what we do.

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