What is Zyler? How does it work?

Zyler is the most realistic clothing try-on to-date. We work as a styling solution for your website by taking existing images of your models and applying AI technology to enable them for clothing try-on.

What do I need to get started with Zyler?

Getting started is simple. All we need from you is:

  1. Images of your clothing on models.
  2. For you to add a small code snippet into your website (you can find further information on this on our technical page).

Do I need to be technical to add Zyler to my site?

Not at all! Our integration is easy and can be done by following our simple instructions. You will be given a code snippet to add to your website which will then provide you with a ‘try-on’ button, enabling the integration. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure that we deliver the quality promised to you.

Why do you need our model photos?

Our technology works with your model photos to create the most realistic try-on experience. No more awkward, full-body stances; your users will see themselves in the model poses, adjusted to their measurements.

How much does Zyler cost?

Zyler is a game-changer and here’s the best part — you can try it for free!
We offer a free trial. After this, if you want to continue, we will start billing monthly at our agreed price.

Why should my customers create an account?

When your customers choose to create an account, they will enter a personalised shopping experience. This means that the app will remember their measurements and photos, so trying on the next outfit will be a one-click experience and they can always come back for more.

What happens if my customers lose or gain weight?

Users can easily update their measurements and photos whenever they want and their try-on images will change with them.

Are my customers' photos and personal information secure / private?

Your customers' information and photos are protected under our privacy policy which you can find here. All the data is secured on our servers using industry-standard techniques. Don’t worry ー customer images are only used when they are trying on clothing.

Will my customers' photos be subject to commercial use?

No. Your customers' images will stay with us and will not be used for advertising or commercial purposes.

What kinds of brands do you work with?

Here at Zyler, one size fits all. No matter what size your site, we’ll work with you to make your customer experience even better!

Who is behind Zyler?

Zyler is brought to you by Anthropics Technology, a world-leading AI software company founded in 1997. Driven by years of PhD-level research, Anthropics has now begun partnering with amazing fashion industry brands to develop revolutionary solutions for online fashion e-Commerce. We aim to transform the user experience using our award-winning augmented technology by driving sales, reducing returns, and powering style.